Corporate objectives

Our highest priority as a company is to preserve jobs through growth, economic success and environmental protection.

We regard increasing efficiency and economic growth as a requirement for safeguarding jobs in the long-term. We achieve this with long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers. Because we want to maintain and preserve cooperation on a basis of partnership and trust as a valuable asset  through an open and honest relationship between management, customers and employees. In addition we take responsibility for the protection of our environment with respect to the well-being of future generations.

We regard these aims as guarantees for a satisfactory and trusting cooperation and for a secure future.


Customer orientation

Our customers' expectations of us and our products are very high all over the world. The active communication with our customers allows us to understand their needs and demands. This understanding creates the basis for responsible action in line with the challenges presented to us. And the result of this process are our products and services. Dependability and perseverance are the guiding principles that characterise us in all our fields of activity.


Stability on the market and expansion of the market shares

Our customers expect modern and future-oriented products and services from us. It is therefore our goal to maintain and further expand our position in a constantly changing market environment through innovative products and solutions. As specialists for fixed tools, we aim also to develop into new areas where we can gain a leading position on the market thanks to our competence, high manufacturing depth and experience.


Innovation as the foundation for a successful company

We believe that innovations in all the existing fields of competence of our company play the predominant role in our success. For this we create a degree of freedom in our daily thoughts and activities. And these lead to new results in technology and corporate success.


Partnerships within the MAPAL Group

For a professional and dependable partnership with the trade, we are part of an association of three strong brands from leading, internationally renowned toolmakers. As a member of the MAPAL Group, it is our conviction and goal that we support the processes, products and services also internally and develop them on a basis of partnership. We profit from this cooperation. At the same time it is our wish to contribute actively to the overall success of the MAPAL Group.


Precise and high-quality products

Our customers rely on the guaranteed precision of all BECK products. For this reason, quality and precision are for us a constant obligation and part of our vision. Our goals as a company and our own demands on our abilities and activities reflect this vision and are practised day after day.


Our employees are the guarantee of our success

The ongoing intensive contact with our customers allows us to assess and actively fulfil the expectations of us and our products. The experience gathered in the process gives us a clear view of the chances and opportunities open to us. The compilation and implementation of this information to the benefit of the company and to the satisfaction of our customers is particularly important. This is made possible only by a high degree of competence, enthusiasm and commitment on the part of our employees. We create the preconditions for this through a wide range of qualification measures, a good working climate and a safe and creative working environment. Particularly important for us is the training of young people who for us form the foundation for a positive future of our company.