HNC Reibahlen, Kunstbild

High-performance reamers with internal cooling

Optimum coolant supply directly to the blade, special geometries, modern cutting materials and coatings enable high process reliability and the best results for almost all materials. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity significantly. [...]
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Wechselkopfreibahle XR

Modular reaming - Replaceable head systems

In order to counter the rising tool costs, BECK has modular tool systems in its product range that offer a particularly high degree of flexibility as the tool holders can be fitted with different reaming heads via defined connections. Short tool [...]
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Maschinenreibahle ohne IK

Machine reamers without internal cooling

With small to medium lot sizes or when machining on older machines without internal coolant supply, the advantages of the high cutting data of the high-performance reamers cannot be utilised. The more favourable DIN reamers are more of a [...]
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Countersinking - Boring - Deburring

Countersinking, boring and deburring tools complete the BECK product range and form a comprehensive complement for bore machining. Countersinking operations are performed on practically all parts which have to be cut. Countersinking and boring tools [...]
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Hand and taper reamers

The manual machining of bores with difficult access or tapered transitions requires tools that are easy to adapt to the respective machining situations. Despite the manual machining operation, BECK hand or taper reamers achieve high surface finishes [...]
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Custom tools - for individual requirements

Starting from semi-standard versions with, for example, special fits, modified working lengths or modified cutting materials and cutting leads, the specialists at BECK can also design application-specific custom reamers. The continuing development [...]
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